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ROCA Finland Oy
Fiskarsinkatu 7
SF-20750 Turku

Puh: 020 743 8930

VAT no: 1448180-2

8,35 snt/puhelu + 16,69 snt/min (alv 24%)

ROCA has more than 35 years (1976) of experience of assignment production in Asia. We assist both small and large companies, with the whole development process or parts of it.

From idea to finished product

You can turn to our skilful technicians in Tyresö for design and construction, or a presentation for a complete concept.

We manufacture your tools and produce the finished product according to agreed specification. Always with full guarantee and confidentiality.

As our client you will communicate and do your business with a Swedish legal person; ROCA Industry AB, and at the same time you are opening the door to Asia and the possibilities there.

We have our own subsidiaries in both China and Taiwan. There we have our own competent and well educated personnel, who make the final inspections and organize the shipments to every corner over the world.

You will gain access to our whole network of manufacturers in countries where the price and cost level makes it possible to start projects that otherwise would not be possible on home ground.

We are specialized in manufacturing steel and stainless steel. In that area we can offer production methods like stamping, bending, deep draw, lost wax casting, CNC-machinery and various surface treatments.

Die casting of zinc and injection moulding of plastic, are other examples on manufacturing where we have great experience.

We can handle production in detail or as composed end products consisting of several detailed components, assembled and packed.

Contact us for an unprejudiced meeting.

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