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Etusivu / Uutiset / Timeless window handles with endless possibilities
TAMMIKUU 2017, 2017-01-23

Timeless window handles with endless possibilities

See Klas present our complete line of window and balcony door handles.

Tyresö - Prästö - Björkö

ROCA Industry has in 2016 developed a new series of window handles. The products have been developed together with architects and a selection of producers in the window industry.

The series is unique because it is based on three pedestals (windows, door and lockable handles), these are combined with three design series of the handle (Tyreso, Prästö and Björkö) in several treatments to match the typical needs, bringing a hundred different combinations according to customer requirement. Among all the accessories that includes a unique new certified child safety device that also is patent pending.

  • A complete line of windows and balcony door handles.
  • Fits most eras.
  • Both the interior and exterior mounting.
  • With or without cylinder lock.
  • Child Safety Device according to EN-16281.
  • Different types of windows in an object, the same look on all windows handles.
  • Fits:
    • Outward
    • Inward
    • Dreh-kip
    • Rotating windows

With this product line will ROCA will complement and window industry a new alternative to meet an increasingly demanding market.

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